The "HPC for Geophysical Fluid Dynamics 2019" conference aims to present the latest advances in the application of High Performance Computing (HPC) techniques in the development of numerical models for fluid simulations.


Nowadays numerical modeling is a fundamental tool for resource management and risk prevention related with water. It is important to predict the behavior of coastal protection systems against adverse weather events and develop risk maps for flood events. However, these simulations require processing large domains with high resolution, which supposes a high computational cost. For all this, it is imperative that the numerical simulation models use HPC (High Performance Computing) techniques to take advantage of the computational resources offered by the supercomputing centers.

The HPC-GFD 2019 participants will have the opportunity to attend the lectures of international experts in numerical modeling of geophysical fluid dynamics and HPC techniques, as well as developers of reference models in this field. The latest advances in the development of the numerical models IBER, IHFoam and DualSPHysics will be presented.